RSB Workshop on Biofuels & Indirect Impacts

Publicado em 18/05/2010

2 June 2010 - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

While  the  direct  impacts  of  biofuel  production  on  people  and  the  environment  are  well
understood and  taken  into consideration  in various sustainability standards or regulations,
indirect impacts remain a complex  issue  for such schemes. Whereas  the reality of  indirect
impacts  is widely  recognized, opinions diverge, however, on  the way  to account  for  these
effects  in  sustainability  standards  and  regulations.  To  support  a  global  dialogue  and  help
building consensus around how  to address  indirect  impacts of biofuels within  its voluntary
certification scheme, the Roundtable on Sustainable Biofuels (RSB), in partnership with
Michelin and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) , is pleased to invite
you to join its technical workshop:
Biofuels & indirect impacts: Addressing indirect impacts in voluntary certification schemes  
The workshop will be held in parallel to Michelin’s Challenge Bibendum 2010. From the 30th
of May until the 3rd of June, the Challenge Bibendum gathers industry leaders and the civil
society around the questions of sustainable mobility. We encourage you to attend this
outstanding event!

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